Getting Around Newquay

Getting Around Newquay

Getting Around Newquay

You can walk from one end of Newquay to the other easily, yet this little town has a big reputation. With seven miles of beaches, endless pubs, clubs and eateries and a reputation as the surfer's paradise of the UK, Newquay is fun for everyone. The town also provides an excellent base for exploring the rest of the region.

By Train

The railway line built in Newquay in the 1840s was to provide the link with the town and harbor. Around 1876 a passenger railway line got developed and today Newquay Railway Station is the terminus of the Atlantic Coast Line from Par. The station is very close to the eastern beaches of Newquay. Soon, the town because of its connectivity with the beaches developed into a resort. The rail line of Newquay extends its services during summer to the neighbouring towns and resorts for the convenience of the tourists. 

By Road

Transportation is not at all a problem if one wishes to visit Newquay by road. People from all over Great Britain visit Newquay by car and coaches through an excellent network of motorways and main trunk roads and parking is well catered for in the resort. 

By Bus

The bus terminus at Newquay is at Manor road and provides access to a good network of bus services throughout not only the resort but the whole county. Nightilife: Newquay is well known for its gregarious nightlife. The town with its picturesque houses, clubs, pubs and restaurants situated on this lovely coast of West Cornwall offers a great feast of facilities for its millions of visitors.


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